What is Insurance Fraud?

If you are not careful, you could be charged with committing insurance fraud, whether intentional or not.

The definition of insurance fraud is when an individual/group intentionally defrauds the insurer with the purpose of obtaining additional funds. It is estimated that insurance providers receive billions of dollars worth of insurance fraud each year, which amounts to a significant portion of all claims filed. Fraud can range in severity from purposefully damaging oneself or property to collect insurance payments, to fudging the truth about your injury and/or the cause of the injury. Each count of insurance fraud only adds to increasing insurance premiums, making it more difficult for honest people to pay off their insurance bills each month.

One popular form of insurance fraud is when the insurance holder realizes that they are over-insured for something that is that the amount of insurance is greater than the value of the property itself. Individuals who realize this may then cause an incident that would allow them to collect on the insurance policy and make a profit.

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