The Crime of Obstructing Justice in Florida

In the state of Florida, you can be arrested for obstructing justice and preventing the police from learning about a crime or a suspect. There are a variety of different ways that individuals can be arrested for this very crime. According to the Florida Law Statutes Title XLLVI Chapter 843, it is considered an obstruction of justice to knowingly and willfully resist, obstruct, or oppose any officer when he or she is doing his or her duty.

If a person obstructs justice by apprehending a legal aide or supervisor employed by the Parole commission, or opposes any administrative aide, this is considered illegal. Also, if a suspect resists any personnel, representatives of the Department of Law Enforcement, or any other person that is authorized to execute the legal process, it is a crime. Resisting or obstructing any of these parties can result in a third degree felony.

Individuals can also be charged with the obstruction of justice if they are in unlawful possession of a concealed handcuff key in order to aid in their escape from arrest. In addition, if criminals bring tools into a jail in order to aid an escape, or facilitate an escape in any way, then this is considered an obstruction of justice The crime also encompasses cases where an an individual deprives any law enforcement officer of means of protection or communication, such as a gun, a Taser, or a walkie-talkie.

It is illegal for any person to disguise him or herself with the intention to obstruct the due execution of the law. This includes falsely impersonating a police officer or refusing to aid a peace officer. If a person resists a timber agent, or uses a police badge falsely it can result in an obstruction of justice charge.

Other form of obstruction of justice include criminal offenses against police dogs, firedogs, police horses, or SAR dogs are obstructions of justice, as well as depriving a crime victim of medical care. It could also include publishing the name and address of a law enforcement officer, and attempting to flee from an officer.

Sometimes, individuals can be charged for harassing the participant of a neighborhood crime watch program, or for starting unauthorized transmissions and interference with government associated radio frequencies. Using police communications for a non-law enforcement reasons is also illegal.

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