Is Fraud a Federal Crime?

Fraud is when a person makes false statements, misrepresentation, or deceitful conduct. People often commit fraud to gain something of value, usually money, by misleading or deceiving someone. If you face fraud charges, you are probably wondering how they will affect your future. The Tampa fraud attorneys at Thomas & Paulk, P.A. share circumstances where fraud would be charged as a federal crime.

When Is Fraud Considered a Federal Crime?

The federal government prosecutes various fraud crimes under federal laws. The three primary types of federal fraud crimes include mail and wire fraud, tax fraud, securities fraud, and Medicare fraud.

The most common types of federal fraud crimes include the following:

  • Medicare Fraud: Medical programs like Medicare and Medicaid provide health insurance to millions of Americans. Since the government pays for most of the programs, they are often a target for fraud. People usually try to collect illegitimate reimbursements from the government by overbilling or performing unnecessary procedures.
  • Security Fraud: Various security frauds, such as foreign currency, investment schemes, and broker embezzlements, can be charged as federal crimes. Insider trading is also something that can be charged as a federal crime.
  • Tax Fraud: This is when a taxpayer attempts to avoid paying federal income taxes. Tax evasion can be done in various ways, including overestimating business expenses, underreporting income, and not filing your taxes. According to the IRS, this is the most common type of fraud every year.

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